Virgin Island, Cebu – your one of a kind!

I couldn’t wait for the boat to dock on the shore of the white fine glittered sand of Virgin Island. As I gazed my eyes on the hard rock formation which is the first thing you could sight upon arrival. My heart wants to pop out of  my chest for the overflowing excitement and thought of great adventure awaits basking in the sun.

Virgin Island also known as Silion is a small island in the municipality of Sta. Fe. According to the locals the owner of the resort named it Virgin Island to the fact that it is a remote area and untouched.

Once the boat dock at the seashore, the staff will welcome you and lead you to the cashier where will you pay for entrance fee. Entrance fee will cost you P500.00 for 2 persons and an additional of P100.00 each for excess person. Below are the rates if you wanted to rent a cottage or to stay overnight, but if you prefer not to it’s fine since you can still stay under the shade of the trees for free or in your boat.

► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄

Wandering Around the island

Every corner of the island is an Instagramable subject. The white powdery sand that shines like glitters under the rays of the sun. The seashell decorations above the cleopatra seat. Feel like a princess owning the arc in the island. Dive and swim under a school of colorful fishes and laze under the bask of the sun like there’s no tomorrow! lol

Aside from these IG spots, there’s more that you can do in the island. We head to the diving spot on the northern portion, walk like about 15 minutes but the way is a little rocky. Not just a typical rocks but hard sharp rocks.

off to the diving area

For complete travel guide and expenses of this trip, please do check this link: Bantayan Island Fun and Adventure.

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