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San Carlos City: Sipaway Island

When I feel exhausted, I travel. It’s been a while since I had my happy pill so I decided to check on Sipaway Island which has been on my list since I started travelling.

Northern part of Negros has a lot of white beaches to offer and one is Sipaway Island. It is also known as Refugio Island, this island can be found off cost of San Carlos City in Negros Occidental and a 15 minute boat ride from San Carlos City.  If you are looking for somewhat different kind of vacation that is laidback,  no bars and disco and is away from the poisonous city you are living in, this is a perfect staycation for you which I highly recommend.


What to see in Sipaway

Arriving at the nearest wharf in Sipaway there are a lot of habal-habal and tricycle drivers waiting to accommodate you on your trip to the island. You can also rent them to tour you around but make sure to haggle the rate so they won’t deceive you. I will give you an idea on how much rates you could pay to them at the bottom of this blog. We talked to the habal-habal driver if he could be our tour guide for the day to help us find out the places we could visit in the are and he brought us to these places:

Balete Tree
This Balete tree is located at the school compound of Sipaway Elementary School and this has been the popular tourist spot in the island for years.

photo credit to: Joy Rebadomia

La Basilia Beach Resort (also known as the Pink Resort)
Located in Brgy. Ermita, Sipaway Island, the only beach in Sipaway that has a white sand comparable to that of Guimaras. Entrance fee here is only P20.00 per head. They offer cottages that can be rented for a day for P300.00 and can accommodate 10-15 persons. If you are only there for a few hours there’s no need to rent a cottage, you can simply have a picnic under the tree, take a good swim and took a lot of photos which we did  during our visit.

The of La Basilia Resort overlooking the mountains.

Whispering Palms Island Resort
After the short swim in La Basilia Beach Resort we headed to the place where we will be spending the rest of our stay in the island, the popular Whispering Palms Island Resort.

Whispering Palms is the only resort in the island with a 24 hours source of electricity and water. A German owned resort which has a lot of activities to offer and has good accommodation.

The welcoming entrance of the resort

Accommodation for a day stay here is quite pricey. On their website – a standard room will cost you P1,500.00 a night, so I suggest you book in

I got a cheaper price for P1,200.00 a night accommodation.

The staffs are friendly and accommodating to all guests needs. We arrived at the resort around 1 o’clock in the afternoon so the staff lead us to our room since check-in time will be 12 o’clock.

Standard room accommodation

Standard Fan Room good for two persons. The room is clean, with towels and tissue. The wall decors in the room is nice too, with a big cabinet with hangers for your clothes. You also have a water container inside the room.

You will never get bored staying here because there are a lot of activities the resort could offer. They have playground for kids to play, table tennis, billiard, free use of bike, and swimming pool.


This pool is located inside the resort, which contains salt water. You will definitely own this pool since there are only a few people in the resort. Swimming pool is open 24 hours.

This pool is recent built one which is located outside of the resort near the entrance. This area are good for kids because it is only 4 feet deep.

Outside pool

 Checking out Whispering Palms

The day is long not to check out what an island life could offer, after a short rest me and Joy check out the place and took photos every corner of it as what we always do during a trip.

Lost? This sign will show you the directions.


The wavy pathway and the swaying coco trees.

Photos below are a few of the living organisms that can be found in the shore of Whispering Palms when its low tide.


Resort Floating Cottage


Strolling down the path going to Whispering  Palms Wharf. Beware of snakes here.

We wrap up the day feeling our empty stomach so we head back to our room and order food for dinner. I tell you food is expensive as what most of the travelers’ who came here says but you can share a meal for two.

Whispering Palms Menu for your guide


A meal shared with a friend for dinner and breakfast.

We ordered Pork Humba and Pork Sinigang (a must try). I super love their Pork Sinigang, really tasty and full of veggies. The rice inside the coco shell is attractive plus a bottle of beer for an empty stomach.

How to get here:
Ride a bus going to San Carlos City (2hrs). Drop off to San Carlos City Terminal and ride a tricycle going to the Sipaway port and ride a boat going to Sipaway.

Travel Expenses:

  • Bus fare from Bacolod to San Carlos and vice versa – P 144 x 2 = 288
  • Tricycle from San Carlos Bus Terminal to Jollibee  – P 7.00
  • Breakfast Jollibee – P 100.00
  • Tricycle from Jollibee to Port – P 15.00
  • Boat Fare – P 15.00 x 2 = P 30.00
  • Habal-Habal fare – P135.00
    Port to Balete Tree – P 25.00
    Balete Tree to La Basilia Beach – P 35.00
    La Basilia Beach to Whispering Palms – P 50.00
    Whispering Palms to Sipaway Port – 25.00
  • Meal in Whispering dinner/breakfast – P 300.00
  • Standard Room P 1,250 /2 = P 625.00
  • Tricycle from Port to Bus terminal – P 25.00

Total Expense: P 1,390.00

It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.


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  2. Gonna visit this olace pag nakauwi na ng Bacolod. Ganda ng place at parang ang tahimik.

    1. Hi @nhattynato, Yes po the place is nice and this place is good for someone who wants to relax since quiet dito and indi masyado matao when we went there.

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