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Kabankalan: The Dazzling Waterfalls of Mag-aso

Social Media sites mainly Facebook is blowing off my urge to travel and discover places especially if you are following Travel Negros page. They are uploading the different points of interest and must-see places of Negros Island Region. One of the most visited spot is the Mag-aso Falls.

Mag-aso Falls is located in Sitio Dug-anon, Brgy. Oringao, Kabankalan City. A two and a half hour ride from Bacolod City via private vehicle.

A welcoming backdrop at the entrance.

I remember my first visit, that was year 2007 and I can say that Mag-aso Falls is much renewed that made them to the top list of must-see places in Negros Island.

The overflowing pool. Swim at your own risk, NO Lifeguard provided.

Walking down, you will see on a distance their pool which is overflowing from where the fresh water came from. Warning: Compose yourself before jumping, the water is too cold to handle.

Nipa hut cottage for Php 200.00


Aside from the cottages, Mag-aso has two rooms for those who wants to stay overnight for Php 1,000.00 good for 4-6 persons.

Staircase going down to the falls.

It’s okay to walk down to the falls but I tell you going up is bit tiring so prepare yourself, you might need a liter of water to refill you up.

Captured the invigorating flowing water.

Walking toward the falls will make you feel cold as the temperature drops, checking up all the green sights filled with moist and dews like it was a rainy night. But no, it wasn’t a rainy night it’s all because of the water that’s everywhere that makes the area dewy.

God’s truly amazing creation.
The viewing deck from a far where you can capture a panoramic view of the whole area and the small lagoon which offers a soothing swim.

At the end of the falls, there lies a big log of about centuries old that connect you to the other side of the small lagoon which will give you the best Instagramable post.

The big log that connects to the other side of the small lagoon.
Signature pose by yours truly.
Wild Ferns growing.

How to get here:
From Bacolod City via private car head to Kabankalan City and follow the Mabinay route going to Oringao, Kabankalan. Turn left on the signboard going to Mag-aso.

From Bacolod City via bus, ride the Ceres bus from Bacolod South Terminal going to Kabankalan. Drop to Kabankalan Market and look for a jeepney going to Mabinay and ride a tricycle going to Mag-aso.

Resort Rates:

  • Entrance Fee – P 50.00
  • Nipa Cottage – P 200.00
  • Shower – P 2.00
  • Overnight Stay – P 1,000.00

Travel Tips: 

  1. If you go with a group better rent a private car to lessen the transportation expenses.
  2. Bring as much as enough food for the trip, ordering of food at the resort will cost you a big amount.
  3. Adventure at your own risk. The resort doesn’t provide any lifeguard especially on the falls area.
  4. Be careful of the slippery areas, don’t wear footwears that is prone to slips.
  5. At some point, signal is weak if you are on the mountainside. Save your ATM pics upload it if ever you got the chance to get a bar of signal.
  6. Be responsible of your surroundings. Garbage bins provided near cottages. Don’t destroy mother nature.


Seems feather-like flowing water, but if you hear how the water drops it’s like thunder.


“Nature is one of our greatest teachers.”

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  1. Tiffany Guiao says:

    How much is the fare going there?

    1. Hi Tiffany!
      Bus fare from Bacolod to Kabankalan is more or less P150.00, ride a trike going to jeepney terminal of Mabinay jeep for P10.00 and P23.00 on Mabinay jeep going to Bangga Mag-aso, Oringao. From there ride trike o habal-habal going to the resort for P100.00 or you can negotiate with the driver.
      Thanks for the comment.

      1. Tiffany Guiao says:

        Thank you, Erika! I have one last question. Hmm do we need a guide to go down the falls?

        1. You don’t need a guide going down the falls as you can explore the place all by yourself or with your group mates, and don’t forget to visit the top portion of the falls it’s nice there.

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